LLVM Developer Meeting #2: Aug 1, 2008

Hi All,

We've pinned down a hard date for the 2nd annual LLVM Developer meeting: August 1, 2008!

The meeting will be held on the Apple Campus, in Cupertino, CA. We've got a great space with two separate rooms that are next door to each other, one that comfortably holds 40 people and one that holds 50 people. In addition, there is a large area outside either room with big tables where people can have informal discussions etc. Given that we had about 60 people attend last year, this extra space will be very useful :).

At this point, we are planning for an all-day event, and can have two talks happening in parallel with each other. While this means that everyone won't be able to make it to every talk, we will record them and can plan it so that overlapping talks are on very different topics (maybe a clang talk at the same time as a low-level backend talk). This means we have 'space' for 12-16 talks, but the number we end up with depends on who is interested in speaking.

What we need from you:

Now that we have a date, we hope you can book travel and confirm your attendance: This is particularly important for speakers. If you would like to give a presentation, please let us know! Jonathan will start adding this information to the web page, please email him (jon@alacatialabs.com) and CC Tanya (tonic@nondot.org).

If you are a student contributor, or a regular llvm contributor with financial constraints that would prevent you from attending, we will try to help offset some of your travel costs. Please send information about your situation, expected expenses, and other relevant information to Jon/Tanya. Once we have an idea of the demand, we will decide what we can do. Priority will be given to attendees who are giving a presentation.

Other details: admission is free, and we will provide lunch. There are many hotels in the Cupertino area. We will be investigating getting a room block at some nearby hotel, and will update the web page with that info when it becomes available. Also, we plan to do some sort of group dinner afterwards, we will also figure this out in the coming months. :slight_smile:

Please see http://llvm.org/devmtg/current/ for evolving details. If you have any questions, llvmdev is a great place to discuss this event.

I look forward to meeting (more of) you!