LLVM Developers' Meeting - Tentative Agenda & Hotel Location

First, some logistical information. The conference will be held at the San Jose Hilton. I’ve updated the webpage with the exact location. During registration (coming very soon!) you will have the opportunity to book a hotel room directly through that process (and get the reduced rate).

Now, I’m pleased to announce the tentative agenda for the 2010 LLVM Developers’ Meeting:

LLDB - Greg Clayton

Symbolic Crosschecking of Floating-Point and SIMD Code - Peter Collingboure, Imperial College London

The LLVM Assembler & Machine Code Infrastructure - Daniel Dunbar

Connecting the EDG front-end to LLVM - Renato Golin, ARM

libclang: Thinking Beyond the Compiler - Doug Gregor

LLVM for Open Shading Language - Larry Gritz, Sony Pictures Imageworks

Polly - Polyhedral optimizations in LLVM - Tobias Grosser, University of Passau

libc++ - Howard Hinnant

Experiences on using LLVM to compile Click packet processing code to Stanford NetFPGA hardware - James Kempf, Ericsson Research Silicon Valley

The Crack Scripting Language - Michael Muller, Google

Creating cling, an interactive interpreter interface for clang - Axel Naumann, CERN

C-to-Verilog.com : High-level synthesis using LLVM - Nadav Rotem, Haifa University

Portable Native Client - David Sehr, Google

Implementing Include-What-You-Use using clang - Craig Silverstein, Google

Object Files in LLVM - Michael Spencer, Gainsville U

AMD OpenCL Compiler – Using LLVM to produce a cross-platform heterogeneous compiler tool chain. - Micah Villmow, AMD Inc.

Hardening LLVM With Random Testing - Xuejun Yang, University of Utah

Tanya Lattner