LLVM DevMeet 2008

[CCing the list]

Kenneth Hoste suggested I get in touch with you as lead wrangler on
scheduling the 2008 LLVM DevMeet. I can't speak for others, but I know
I'm pretty packed with travel in August already, only some of which is
going to be directly sponsored or endorsed by work. Everything else
will have to be out of my personal time budget. I'd actually prefer
something *later*, like September, but that's probably not agreeable
to others. Maybe early-ish July instead?

Hi Dan,

As far as I know, a date hasn't been set yet. I personally don't have
a preference, but then again I don't travel much. :slight_smile:

Just an FYI, here is the website on the upcoming LLVM developers meeting:

Please note that anyone interested in attending/presenting should email Jonathan Johnson (email on that page). He has volunteered to help gather information about presenters/attendees and keep that web page up to date.

I'll be handling the logistics of the meeting (hotel, location, meals, etc). The date has not been set at this time, but Chris did want to give people an idea of when it could happen. The main thing to draw is that we will not be having it in May as we did last year.

We'd like to narrow it down to a couple of dates instead of a broad range. So once we get that figured out we will do a poll and see which is most popular. We'd love to pick a date where everyone can come, but thats just not possible :slight_smile:

Tanya Lattner