LLVM docs links broken

Has LLVM docs deen moved to somewhere recently? The link is broken: http://llvm.org/docs/doxygen/html/classllvm_1_1InsertValueInst.html

Looks like removing the "docs/" and "html/" portions of the URL will
get you to the right place now:

There was some kind of server move that happened recently; I'm
assuming this is a side-effect of that.


Hi Dipanjan,

I don’t know what’s the reason is, but it works if you drop ‘html’ from the URL.

I'd vaguely understood the old links had been deprecated for a while.
Unfortunately they're still the top Google results when you search for
the relevant classes, which is really annoying.

If anyone knows any active measures we can take to hasten that being
fixed, I think we should try.


I think the standard way is to HTTP 301 to the new location. I'm pretty sure Google picks up on that.

Will a permanent redirection (mod_rewrite) from old links to new links for a few days help Google learn faster?

The docs found on google have been vastly out of date for quite a while. For that time, http://llvm.org/doxygen/ has been the correct home of the API docs. See also http://llvm.org/pr32412.

The server move last weekend dropped the legacy files. It’ll take the google index a bit to notice. robots.txt currently prevents indexing of /doxygen, because there was an issue with the robots, I’ve been told.



I think we need a fix to this as soon as possible. I know people say
that out of date documentation is worse than none, but I think that's
horribly false in this case. The LLVM API changes, but I've found even
the outdated doxygen far more useful for quick questions than grepping
the source.

We need to do everything we can to get current doxygen output into a
sane search engine, and it really doesn't seem to be happening
naturally after the server move. If robots.txt is banning indexing of
our documentation that's a massive problem.

I'm happy to help out wherever I can, but we need a solution.



I agree that we need a solution ASAP. I am working on a time critical
project and every time I get a hit, I need to manually fix the URL to land
at the page. This is super annoying.

Added redirect and also removed doxygen from robots.txt