LLVM Documentation Fixed


The LLVM documentation should be fixed now (look ma, no server

The doxygen problem was due to an incorrect symbolic link. It now points
to a copy of the documentation this is built once per day (around 2am
Central Time). As this takes a fair amount of CPU time, it won't get any
more fresh than once per day, so don't ask please :slight_smile:

The general LLVM documentation in the /docs/ directory in the
llvm/trunk/docs directory should instantly be updated upon commit as the
mod_dav_svn module is serving that. This is one advantage of Subversion
handling our repository via Apache httpd.

The CommandGuides are now available at http://llvm.org/cmds/ and the
various indexes now reflect that situation. This may be a temporary
situation as these man pages only pertain to the commands of the llvm
module, not the entire project. Chris will get them in their final
location when he rolls out the new web site format (that includes the
modules). The CommandGuides are "demand built". That is, when a change
that affects the CommandGuide is committed, a script runs on the web
server to regenerated the PDF, HTML and PostScript files.

If you note further issues with this, please let me know ASAP.