LLVM does not recognize .dword directive.

Hello All,

I am trying to compile the assembly language file using clang compiler. The assembly language file has many directives, and “.dword” is one of the directives among those.

When I try to compile, I am hitting the following error:
unknown directive .dword

If any one of you have seen this error before and solved it, can you please help me in solving this?


What architecture are you targeting? If gas for your architecture
accepts .dword but LLVM's assembler doesn't then it is worth filing a
bug <https://bugs.llvm.org/&gt;\.

dword isn't one of the directives that is supported by the default
AsmParser logic. The best way to enable it for a specific targetis to
edit lib/Target/FooTarget/AsmParser/FooTargetAsmParser.cpp and add
`Parser.addAliasForDirective(".dword", ".8byte");` or simlar to the
FooTargetAsmParser constructor.