LLVM Embedded Toolchains Working Group call this Thursday 25th of May

Dear all,

This is a reminder that the next LLVM Embedded Toolchains Working Group sync up is this Thursday. Suggested agenda is:

  1. Follow up on the code reviews: multilibs, MC/DC coverage, etc.
  2. Follow up on ⚙ D150637 [lld][ELF] Add option for suppressing section type mismatch warnings progress and plan.
  3. Follow up on the great discussions that happened in the EuroLLVM roundtable and agree on the next steps, see LLVM Embedded Toolchains - EuroLLVM 2023 round table summary

Please comment below if you want to add any more topics. The dial in details and the meeting minutes are maintained under LLVM Embedded Toolchains Working Group sync up

I won’t be able to call in this month; I am in the process of updating the MC/DC patches and will respond to the comments shortly. All of the reviews have received some really good feedback.


Hi Alan,

Thank you for the update!