LLVM ERROR: Cannot select adde

We’re getting this error from one of the LLVM testcases in 3.9 (also had it in 3.6) for our target:

LLVM ERROR: Cannot select: t36: i64,glue = adde t8, t4, t35:1
t8: i64,ch = CopyFromReg t0, Register:i64 %vreg3
t7: i64 = Register %vreg3
t4: i64,ch = CopyFromReg t0, Register:i64 %vreg1
t3: i64 = Register %vreg1
t35: i64,glue = addc t6, t2
t6: i64,ch = CopyFromReg t0, Register:i64 %vreg2
t5: i64 = Register %vreg2
t2: i64,ch = CopyFromReg t0, Register:i64 %vreg0
t1: i64 = Register %vreg0
In function: test_add

The testcase is test/CodeGen/Generic/i128-addsub.ll:
define void @test_add(i64 %AL, i64 %AH, i64 %BL, i64 %BH, i64* %RL, i64* %RH) {
%tmp1 = zext i64 %AL to i128 ; [#uses=1]
%tmp23 = zext i64 %AH to i128 ; [#uses=1]
%tmp4 = shl i128 %tmp23, 64 ; [#uses=1]
%tmp5 = or i128 %tmp4, %tmp1 ; [#uses=1]
%tmp67 = zext i64 %BL to i128 ; [#uses=1]
%tmp89 = zext i64 %BH to i128 ; [#uses=1]
%tmp11 = shl i128 %tmp89, 64 ; [#uses=1]
%tmp12 = or i128 %tmp11, %tmp67 ; [#uses=1]
%tmp15 = add i128 %tmp12, %tmp5 ; [#uses=2]
%tmp1617 = trunc i128 %tmp15 to i64 ; [#uses=1]
store i64 %tmp1617, i64* %RL
%tmp21 = lshr i128 %tmp15, 64 ; [#uses=1]
%tmp2122 = trunc i128 %tmp21 to i64 ; [#uses=1]
store i64 %tmp2122, i64* %RH
ret void

I’ve added the following to our Target’s TargetISelLowering constructor:
setOperationAction(ISD::ADDE, MVT::i32, Expand);
setOperationAction(ISD::ADDE, MVT::i64, Expand);
setOperationAction(ISD::ADDE, MVT::i16, Expand);
setOperationAction(ISD::ADDE, MVT::i8, Expand);
setOperationAction(ISD::ADDE, MVT::f32, Expand);
setOperationAction(ISD::ADDE, MVT::f64, Expand);

… but it still gives the same error. I’m not sure how the adde node si getting in there - any ideas?