LLVM feedback from new user


I posted a few weeks ago that I am creating a JIT compiler using LLVM
for a Lua derived language that I have named Ravi. I wanted to share
my experience of getting started with LLVM.

The following aspects of LLVM have really help me get going:

1. The ability to generate LLVM IR from C programs using Clang. As a
newbie this is invaluable - I can determine what IR I should generate
by constructing small C snippets and generating IR from it.

2. Type checking in the IR Builder and the IR Verifier - these save me
from bugs again and again - so I have come to really appreciate the
type safety of LLVM IR and the ability to validate the IR before
generating any code.

3. LLVM usage in other projects - sometimes when I have got stuck I
have been able to find answers by looking at how other OpenSource
projects using LLVM solve a particular problem.

The following areas I feel could be improved:

The documentation is not really geared for newbies. So I struggled
with this a bit. I have tried to document what I learned here:


I hope these are useful to others starting out with LLVM.

Thanks and Regards

Very cool. If you have anything in particular that you’d like to contribute back to the docs, just send a patch to llvm-commits!

– Sean Silva