llvm fits in the national compiler infrastructure (nci)?

national compiler infrastructure - http://www.cs.virginia.edu/nci/

is there any on-going efforts to integrate llvm with other nci projects?

"Last updated on February 4, 1998."

and mailing list archives dont work. Does not seems like a live project.

- Volodya

i don't know the status of nci, but suif/suif2 development and
publication is very active. it's will be great if there are tools to
transform llvm ir and suif ir to each other. acutally, i didn't use
suif but llvm just because suif cannot be compiled by visual
studio.net (but visual studio 6).

I look at the suif mailing lists occasionally, and it's dead too.

Not that I'm aware of, for reasons that other people have pointed out. :slight_smile: