LLVM flow at run-time

Dear LLVM devs,

I am extending a project of LLVM.

How can I see the flow of the code at run-time?

I see two ways:

  • insert some couts but where to see the console output?
  • run step by step using break-points but I keep receiving the error:

“Unable to start program ‘C:\llvm_project\Debug\ALL_BUILD’. The system cannot find the file specified”

when I start debugging, even if the path is short enough.

None of the two ways worked for me.

I am using Visual Studio 2013.

Thank you very much,


ALL_BUILD is a meta project generated by CMake to make building in Visual Studio easier; it’s not a program.
You probably want to change your start up project in Visual Studio to something like clang and supply some arguments to it through the Visual Studio project settings (it’s under debugging).

Hope this helps!