llvm for ARM


I have downloaded llvm-2.0 source from llvm.org.

My machine specs are:
OS : Linux(Debian-Ubuntu)
Tool Chain: gcc 3.x and gcc 4.x
CPU: X86

I have been able to build llvm. I could not find anywhere in the build or documentation that my build of llvm can produce an ARM binary.In the config.log I could see it detected an X86 CPU which is correct since I am using in fact an X86 host CPU.

I would like to know how to build an ARM11 binary from a c-source code. It would be great if I can get all the necessary steps to producing an ARM11 binary.

Moreover My native CPU system is an X86 not an arm. What I want to test is whether I can use the llvm to compile my C-programs to produce ARM11 binaries which I would transfer into my scratchbox target for ARM, where Qemu would be used to execute the binaries.

Hope I have provided enough information…please let me know if something is missing?


Hi Amit,

I believe what you need to do is compile llvm-gcc as a cross compiler in much the same way that you would for normal gcc. The LLVM Target library contains all of the back ends by default so I believe retargeting the front end is all you’ve got to do.