LLVM for parallelization

Dear Dr. Lattner

I’m ali faradjpour and am a M.S. Student of Software Engineering. I’ve studied about llvm. also I ‘ve studied about code parallelization and distribution. There are some problems in real applications parallelization domain that i think using LLVM to overcome them is useful. I know that the starting point of LLVM was toward Lifelong Analysis and Optimization. I read your Open Projects’ list in LLVM’s website and i couldn’t find any tendency to Parallelization. I want to know “Do you have any plan to add parallelizing to LLVM?”. I’m grateful for your attention and looking forward to know your opinion.

Sincerely Yours

Ali Faradjpour
Post Graduate Candidate,
Compiler & Software Engineering Laboratory,
Department of Computer Engineering (CE),
Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST),
Address: IUST-CE, Hengam St., Resalat Sq., Tehran, Iran