LLVM from C# or .NET

I recently saw a post about being able to call LLVM APIs from .NET using a C# library.

I’m thinking if it’ll produce the same code as using the LLVM C++ API. Will it be less efficient?

If it is the same why wouldn’t every one use a higher level language like C# or Java to write their compiler?

Language wars? Aren't there newsgroups and forums for that kind of thing?

Generally, the same kind of arguments for each language family apply
to compilers as anywhere else. With the added factor that LLVM itself
is written in C++, so if you use anything different you're likely to
suffer from mismatching expectations unless your FFI has had a lot of
work put in.



No language war intended :slight_smile: Just curios.

Alright, so there maybe a difference.

Thank you

If two programming languages are

Turing Complete

, and

Resource Complete ( ability to handle computer and operating system
resources ) ,

then , they are theoretically EQUIVALENT .

Differences are in details :

Syntax of statements ,
Availability of reusable libraries ,
Availability of compilers and other programming tools ,
Availability of programmers knowing the language ,
Support in different operating systems , i.e. , portability ,
Advantages with respect to problem at hand ,
etc .

Thank you very much .

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk