LLVM function definition mapping to C function definition


I checked the .ll file converted from C source code. I got the
following mapping between C functions and LLVM functions.

The first 3 columns (separated by ▸) are linkage type, runtime
preemption specifier, optional parameter attribute for the return
type. The C function types are after ":".

▸ dso_local▸ : extern not char/bool
▸ dso_local▸ signext: extern char
▸ dso_local▸ zeroext: extern bool
internal▸ ▸ : static not char/bool
internal▸ ▸ zeroext: static bool

But I think that this mapping is not complete. Does anybody have a
complete mapping table between all possible C function types and all
possible LLVM function types? Thanks.