llvm-gcc 4.2 in Xcode

Yes, I know. It's just when I see "happy", "Apple" and "iPhone SDK" on an Apple employee's mouth here, I felt a strong urge on the spur of moment to express my discontent towards Apple people who think they should make us buy their iMac just to be able to code freeware applications on iPhone. I've been waiting for so long time until an official SDK is released and finally you get : "no, guy ! you cannot ! you must be an Apple geek !".

@Mike Stump (mrs@apple.com) : Just for your information, I'm in Europa. Here in France, iMac are very expensive for what they are. Anyway, that's a very selfish and rude way for you to tell us : "if you really want to code some iPhone applications, just buy an iMac. $600 is nothing". You know what ? 600€ is NOT $600 (apparently the price for an old model and second-hand). Worse, the usual price I can find here is above 1000€. Not only that, for each model I can see, it is too much expensive for what its hardware is. I don't know how much money you earn but don't think people here can afford an iMac at the same price you can afford in USA. And the real point is : people shouldn't be forced to buy an iMac only so they could code iPhone applications.

You don't need to answer, I was just ironically acknowledging Chris Lattner's annoucement. I'm not expecting for Apple to change their politics by my action here anyway.

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