[llvm-gcc] backport patch 98010

The attached patch is a backport of patch 98010 from the gcc svn. It
is useful mostly to make the porting of more ARM patches easier, but
will be needed when we start to use C++ on ARM.

Could someone please commit it to the svn?


llvm-gcc-98010.patch (13.2 KB)

When we back port patches from FSF GCC mainline, we decorate them with 'mainline' markers, for example

  /* APPLE LOCAL begin 4229621 mainline */
  /* APPLE LOCAL end 4229621 mainline */

There are many examples of such markers in source. These markers help us resolve conflicts when
we merge current sources in mass with FSF GCC mainline. They also help solve mysterious failures
when CVS silently remerges patches, which is quiet easy to miss while doing such huge merge.

Would it be possible for you to decorate this patch with such markers ?

Actually in this case it is sufficient to say "APPLE LOCAL begin LLVM" and "APPLE LOCAL end LLVM". This allows us to easily identify patches used for llvm development.

In the general case, it is best to submit changes for llvm-gcc bracketed with "APPLE LOCAL begin LLVM"
and "APPLE LOCAL end LLVM" comments. It makes it easier for us to merge changes into the gcc tree.


-- Jim