LLVM-gcc for Ada

Duncan Sands wrote:

Hi Andre,

my g++ is broken, but I used g++-4.3 and it worked. Unfortunately there
is another problem. If I compile with llvm-gcc the ali file resulting
says V "GNAT Lib v4.2" on the first line.

yes, that's because llvm-gcc is based on gcc 4.2.

So it compiled version 4.2 and

so gnatbind and gnatlink does not work because they are version 4.1.3.

When you built llvm-gcc, you also built appropriate versions of gnatbind
and gnatmake. Don't mix versions: use
   export PATH=path_to_wherever_llvm_gcc_lives:$PATH
before doing stuff. Since the gnatbind and gnatmake you built should be
there too, you will use consistent versions and all will be fine.

If I compile the same program using gcc of the gnat2007, the ali file
says that the version is 4.1.3, the right one.

Somehow the lib version that llvm-gcc is being compiled is 4.2. Do you
know how to get the 4.1.3 version?

Version 4.1.3 is the wrong one: it is the version of GPL 2007. You
want 4.2 because that's what llvm-gcc is.

What are you trying to compile by the way?

Also, does "cd llvm_gcc_build_directory/gcc && make -k check-acats"
work? Do you get any test failures?


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thanks for your help. It is working now. Tomorrow I will test it better.