LLVM-GCC Source Updated?

Hello, Bill.

Has anyone gotten the latest/greatest sources from the LLVM-GCC open
source server lately?

No. It's still at rev 319 (as of 29.04).

Yeesh...Okay, I'm working with Jeff C. to get a copy of the TOT out to
people. I'm also pinging the rsync wonks here to see if there's
something amiss.


The llvm-gcc source can be download from:

   http://jolt-lang.org/llvm-gcc.tar.bz2 31mb ~7 minute download
   http://jolt-lang.org/llvm-gcc.tar.gz 40mb ~8.5 minute download

Download times assume you are the only person downloading. Please download the bz2 version if possible.

I currently have no unexpected failures.

Bill wrote:

Thank you Jeff!

I think I found a problem with the mirror (duh! :wink: ) and am in the
process of fixing it. Please use this tarball for now.