llvm getDependency() for ICMP instructions is UNKNOWN

Hello everyone !

I am trying to get the dependencies for the variables of ICMP instructions. Do you know if I can use an already existing method?

I tried to use getDependency() method of class MemoryDependenceAnalysis. Does it work only for particular instruction types? Its definition is

MemDepResult MemoryDependenceAnalysis::getDependency ( Instruction * QueryInst )
When I running my pass

if ( !(Inst->getOpcode() == Instruction::ICmp) )

MemDepResult Res = MDA.getDependency(Inst);

if (!Res.isNonLocal()) {
static_cast<BasicBlock *>(0)));
} else //it does not enter here

errs() << DepTypeStr[type];
if (DepBB) {
errs() << DepBB;
if (DepInst) {
errs() << *DepInst;

It prints all the imcp instructions and UNKNOWN. So I think I cannot use http://llvm.org/docs/doxygen/html/MemoryDependenceAnalysis_8h_source.html#l00151 for ICMP. Do you know if I can use this method or another one?

Thank you !