LLVM GPU Working Group Meeting – Friday, April 14th, 2023


The next LLVM GPU Working Group meeting is scheduled for this Friday at 11am ET / 4pm UTC.

The proposed agenda with detailed meeting information (video call link, calendar links, etc.) is available at LLVM GPU Working Group Meeting Agenda / Notes - Google Docs .

Currently, the agenda contains discussing convergence intrinsics and a short update on the libc for GPUs project.

Feel free to make any additions to the agenda. See you there,
Joseph H.

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FYI, the calendar event is set to this Friday (Apr 7) instead of the next Friday Apr 14. I guess the date in this message is the correct one and the calendar entry should be updated?

Yes, we extended it to the 14th so Sammer could make it.

Reminder that the GPU working group meeting is Friday, tomorrow, at 11:00am EST / 4pm UTC. See you there.

The meeting starts in one hour.

I think the meeting time is wrong in both the GPU calendar and the main LLVM calendar - but it’s hard to know for sure because the time I see is not qualified with a timezone.

I see 11:00 in the GPU calendar and 15:00 in the LLVM calendar. My own timezone is UTC+1.

It shows up correctly on my calendar after importing it. It might be defaulting to the EST time, which is 11am. I’m unsure, But it should be at 11am central if anyone’s confused.

Can someone update the calendar for the OMP-OPT meeting as well? It is no more 12:15PM EST.

So it is 11 EST or 11 PST? The calendar is confusing.

11am EST 8am PST

The meeting has started