LLVM GSoC 2020

Dear Prospective GSoC students,

As you already know, the proposal submission process recently started
and will continue until March 31 (please see GSoC website for the
complete timeline).

While one can submit the proposal to GSoC system directly, we strongly
encourage to submit proposals for discussion into the corresponding
mailing lists (e.g. llvm-dev for LLVM related projects, cfe-dev for
clang, lldb-dev for LLDB and MLIR discourse for MLIR). Previous
experience shows that the review and discussions around the proposals
contribute greatly to their overall quality and drive the success of
the project should it be accepted.

In your proposal, besides the details of the project itself, its
timeline, etc. please also provide some additional information like:
  - Any prior experience to LLVM (e.g. patches submitted, courses that
use LLVM taken, any theses, etc)
  - Any prior experience in compiler and compiler-related technologies
  - What is your motivation to contribute to LLVM, why it is
interesting for you.

Thanks and good luck!