LLVM in HPC Workshop @ SC16 - Agenda

Hi everyone,

The agenda for our third annual LLVM in HPC workshop, held this year in conjunction with SC16, and in cooperation with SIGHPC, is now available:


Thank you to everyone from the LLVM community who has participated in making this possible, especially those who submitted papers and served on the program committee!

The workshop will take place on Monday, November 14, 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you'd like to attend, please make sure you register for the SC16 workshops (see SC16 Registration, near the bottom of the page, for more information).

The workshop this year will feature talks by:

Keynote: Integrating LLVM with the PGI Fortran, C and C++ compilers - Douglas Miles and Steven Scalpone

Offloading Support for OpenMP in Clang and LLVM - Samuel Antao, et al.

Towards Automatic HBM Allocation using LLVM: A Case Study with Knights Landing - Dounia Khaldi and Barbara Chapman

LLVM Framework and IR Extensions for Parallelization, SIMD Vectorization and Offloading - Xinmin Tian, et al.

The ARES High-level Intermediate Representation - Nick Moss, et al.

Polly-ACC: Transparent compilation to heterogeneous hardware - Torsten Hoefler and Tobias Grosser

LLVM at ARM - Travis Walton

Targeting FPGAs with an LLVM compiler - Dmitry Denisenko

Optimizing OpenCL Applications for FPGAs - Hongbin Zheng

UPC to C Translator - Steven Watanabe


Hi again,

I've posted the slides from almost all of the talks at this year's LLVM in HPC workshop on the workshop's web page:


Links to the slides are in the agenda near the top of the page.