llvm inline ASM howto?

I’m new to llvm.
I figured out that the llvm front-end translate the high level language to IR. the back-end translate the IR to machine ASM or machine code.
then, if their is inline ASM ‍in the high level language, what will the frond-end do? will the ASM ‍be translated to llvm IR?
will the JIT still work?
how the back-end recognize the inline asm?

The LLVM IR encodes inline assembly as a special type of value which can then be used in a call instruction. The LLVM IR also has a way of encoding module-level assembly code. Please see and for more details. Regards, John Criswell

A useful tool/technique is to simply ask "What Would Clang Do?" and
answer that question by running clang with -emit-llvm -S and
inspecting the resulting textual LLVM IR - gives you a pretty good
idea of how things are (or can be) encoded into LLVM IR from arbitrary