LLVM job opportunity at Unisys

During the past 12 months we have been doing some exciting research to accelerate the execution performance of a instruction stream for a 36-bit CISC mainframe architecture being emulated on Intel platforms. This research has been focused in the area of dynamic binary translation. We are using the LLVM IR and JIT in our project to execute thousands of small compiles to optimize this execution stream consisting of the heritage operating system, system libraries, and user code. In addition to performance requirements, the resulting system has significant business requirements for complete accuracy, backward compatibility and reliability. We are now ready to transition into a fully funded, high priority development project with a core team of 8-10 . The resulting product will be used by commercial and government organizations who execute large business transaction workloads.

We are looking for an individual who has been involved in the development of LLVM, someone intimately familiar with the LLVM internals, who might be interested in working in the Midwest on our challenging project. We anticipate that this work will continue on for several years.

Please contact Tom Golden (Recruiting) at thomas.golden@unisys.com or 215-986-2718.