[llvm-link] Windows release does not have some utilities

Hi, I downloaded windows installer for LLVM 10 from https://releases.llvm.org/download.html#10.0.0

And after installation did not find some utilities there, which are available for Ubuntu pre-builds ( like llvm-link, llvm-extract etc. )

Are there any plans to add these pre-built utilities to further windows releases?

Thank you


Hi Pavel,

No, the focus of the LLVM pre-builds -- both the releases and the
snapshots at https://llvm.org/builds -- is to provide a C/C++
toolchain with Clang, LLD, sanitizer runtimes, etc. The more "llvm
internal" tools such as llc, opt, llvm-link, etc. are not included in
order to reduce the size of the package. Users who need those have to
build them.