llvm-lit failures in openmp runtime [kmp_set_dispatch_buf, c & dependences.c]

Hey all,

I am getting following lit-failures from harbormaster for my unrelated OpenMP patch as well as in the local setup for building upstream:

  1. openmp/runtime/test/env/kmp_set_dispatch_buf.c
  2. openmp/runtime/test/worksharing/for/kmp_set_dispatch_buf.c
  3. openmp/runtime/test/ompt/tasks/dependences.c
  • openmp/runtime/test/ompt/tasks/dependences.c:94:11: error: CHECK: expected string not found in input
  • // CHECK: {{^}}[[MASTER_ID]]: fuzzy_address={{.*}}[[RETURN_ADDRESS]]

Error for 1st and 2nd is something like: “a = 4082 (should be 4060), b = 4038 (should be 4060)”

Has anyone else noticed these failures? If so, is anyone working on it?


Saiyedul Islam, PhD