[LLVM] make check-lit never finished...

Hi. I just want to know does anyone has the same problem or not.
After running "make check-lit" tests are stopped at 61th percent (Linker tests). Each time it stops on different tests.


Hm... tests were corrected themselves. No svn updates was made.

0. I turned on my laptop and boot Ubuntu 11.04.
1. I run ../llvm/configure in clean folder.
2. make
3. make check-lit
4. Tests was looped at 61%.

Eclipse doesn't want to debug it too. It crashes at the start of debug session.

I reboot my computer again, and all work well now. Probably some specific bios + OS + (specific cpu instructions set). So that's all is OK by now.



Try running Memtest86. It should be an option in the Grub menu when
you boot Ubuntu.

My old PC had a bad stick of RAM. It never caused me any trouble
except when I would FTP files to the machine, then the received files
were always corrupted. Memtest86 found the problem. With new memory,
the file corruption never happened again.

Don Quixote


1. Try "make check LIT_ARGS='-v -j1' .
2. Confirm what test would stall with ps(1) and top(1). They can check
command line.
3. Make sure whether it would be reproduced with single run.
  $ Release+Asserts/bin/llvm-lit -v --debug
4. If the issue would be reproduced with (3), try to bisect.

FYI, I have not met stall for a few weeks.