llvm-mc problem after a pass


I'm having some problem with llvm-mc on a program after applying a pass:

../../../build/Release+Asserts/bin/clang -emit-llvm -c -I./testprof/ -I./src/headers/ -I../libtommath-0.42.0/ -Wall -Wsign-compare -W -Wshadow -Wno-unused-parameter -DLTC_SOURCE -O0 -DLTC_NO_ASM -DUSE_LTM -DLTM_DESC -o src/pk/asn1/der/sequence/der_encode_sequence_ex.bc src/pk/asn1/der/sequence/der_encode_sequence_ex.c
../../../build/Release+Asserts/bin/opt -reg2mem -load ../../../build/Release+Asserts/lib/LLVMobfuscation.so -flattening src/pk/asn1/der/sequence/der_encode_sequence_ex.bc -o src/pk/asn1/der/sequence/der_encode_sequence_ex.bc -stats

der_encode_sequence_ex.s (35.8 KB)

der_encode_sequence_ex.bc (10.9 KB)

Something is adding a bogus comment string. Specifically " # %case^M18 ", where "^M" is a single ctrl-M character.

The ^M is seen by the asm parser as an end-of-line, so the '18' is a new token at the start of a line, not part of the comment. Is your pass perhaps using label names which might include literal "^M" characters?



Thx, It should be that... I use some crappy "debug" name in my basicblock in my pass.

I'll try it when I got back to work.