LLVM micro Conference at Linux Plumbers Conference

The LLVM micro conference for the Linux Plumbers Conference 2013 in New Orleans has been approved.


"Over the past year there has been a lot of progress in patching LLVM and Clang in order to be able to compile the Linux kernel. Over the same time period progress was made on building both the Linux kernel and Android userspace. Clang is also now distributed as part of the Android NDK. We now need to get patches accepted to support the use of clang/LLVM to build the Linux Kernel and more of the Android code base.

This microconference will gather interested parties from the Linux kernel, LLVM, and Android communities to plan the most expedient way to get support for using Clang upstream."

So now it's a matter of having people commit to attend and/or speak at the micro Conference at Plumbers in New Orleans. :slight_smile:

Myself and Mark Charlebois will be leading the LLVM micro Conference at Plumbers. Please contact me for more details.