LLVM nightly installer for Windows is missing lldb's python35.dll


After having a large feud with gdb, I decided to switch over to lldb under Windows like I already had under Linux. However, when I installed it using the 64-bit LLVM nightly installer, it kept crashing upon startup. Popping it in WinDbg (oh the irony) showed that it was trying to load Python35.dll, but it was loading the 32-bit version I had installed separately.

The fix was simple: download the Python 3.5 binary ZIP and copy python35.dll to the LLVM bin directory.

TL;DR: The nightly installer is missing python35.dll, meaning that lldb will try to use the first one it comes across, regardless of whether or not it’s the right architecture.

I don't think we want to include the python dll in the installer(?).
Could lldb be more graceful in how it loads the python dll?

LLDB simply links against python35.lib, I’m not sure there’s a better way?