LLVM on raspberry pi

i installed llvm and clang on raspberry pi
and i have .ll file which was generated using onnx mlir and mlir the generated .ll file i converted to .so file using the command clang --target=armv7a --rtlib=compiler-rt and1.ll -S -o and.so. by using this .so file in raspberrypi i tried to convert it to executable by using the command clang --rtlib=compiler-rt and.so -S -o and
we got error like linker command failed with exit code
so i request you to solve this error.

On the mailing list the subject came up that 32-bit targets have not been adequately tested and build-bots are likely to be set up to remedy this situation. This may or may not answer your question but which Raspberry Pi model are you using? Versions 3 and 4 can run 64-bit Linux instead of 32-bit. AArch64 is the target architecture rather than ARMv7a if this is the case. If you are on a Raspberry Pi version other than those it may truly be 32-bit untested code.

Without posting the actual error, it’ll be hard to figure out. Can you share the .ll maybe? What cross-compiler toolchain are you using with clang?

I assume you mean that you would appreciate any help?