LLVM + OpenAnalysis

Hello everybody,
I am currently looking at the LLVM project to find if it is suitable for what I have in mind. My research consists in optimization of parallel applications (mainly MPI and OpenMP) via transformations. What I need is the possibility to analyze and optimize production programs written in C/C++ and Fortran.

So, I've been looking inside a lot of source-to-source compilers (like ROSE) but as far as it's a 100% research project, it is really not ready to be used with production code. :frowning: On the other hand another approach could be use LLVM... and apply the transformations directly at bytecode level. This second way is quite interesting and gives me a lot of advantages (like the ability to take into account several languages)... but I need stronger program analysis.

It would nice if I could use LLVM bytecode with OpenAnalysis (http://openanalysis.berlios.de/). I know that some people worked on this aspect (LLVM - OA integration) but I cannot find anything on the internet about that. So I am asking to you... GURUs of the Low Level Virtual Machines... can you give me some pointers to this integration?

regards, Simone Pellegrini