LLVM opportunities with Google Native Client

Google Native Client is an open-source project working to deliver a native-code environment for Web browsers that is (at least) as safe and portable as JavaScript and other technologies we take for granted on the Web. Many LLVM developers have already noticed our recent blog post about using LLVM as the basis of our instruction set portability strategy. We are looking for a few engineers with deep knowledge of LLVM, code generation, and system bring-up to join the core team delivering Portable Native Client to our developer community.

Feel free to contact me at bradchen@google.com for more information about the project. Those of you who know Rafael Espindola can also consider contacting him. Rafael recently joined the project full-time.

Brad Chen
Engineering Manager
Google Native Client

Oww Awsome!!!

can we spect the V8 using LLVM some day too?? :slight_smile:

it will make possible a real browser multilanguage JIT for all the compilers ported to llvm (why nobody deliver something like that either !?! hehehe)

and the advance in LLVM jit itself (a powerfull dinamic jit)

its very cool to know google is embracing LLVM Platform… more brainpower to taking it to the next level!

wish the best in this project…(and remembering how long i had to wait to chromium arrives in the linux platform)