llvm.org/perf internal server error


I get an internal server error when accessing llvm.org/perf. This error causes buildbot failures as they can not properly report their performance findings.

Chris, could you have a look?


To be honest, I'd like to stop reporting performance altogether, since
I'm not tracking it on that buildbot.


I will take a peek in about an hour.

lnt has a flag to do not report the results.

I am tracking performance with my -O3 bot, so I would be glad if this can still be working.


Not in the bots config.

I had a look at it last time, but my patch wasn't good enough and my
python skills aren't anything to be proud of. Since perf was fixed, I
just gave up. :wink:

Maybe I ought to do it, with it failing consistently...


I agree that we should add this feature. No point in submitting results that we don’t plan to use.

Daniel has restarted the LNT server. Submissions should be working now.

I think we should do a few things:

1) Change the default logging strategy in LNT. We should be emailing the sysadmin on all ISEs.

2) Update the bots to make submission optional, and don’t submit when not wanted.

3) Split the bot’s use of LNT up to have a separate submission step. Then mark this new submission step as warn on fail. That will isolate server failures from testing and run failures, and if the server does fail, the run will only be marked as warning and not a full failure.

Excellent plan! I agree the default should be to not submit.


Is there a list of bots that should not submit?

Im not sure if opt in or opt out is better for this?

AFAIK, only two bots were submitting results, mine and Tobi's.

The default being not to submit makes more sense, IMO, because Hal was
going to separate between test-suite and benchmark runs, with the
latter being a subset of the former.

I assume test runs don't need to submit, while benchmark runs must.


Default to not submitting works for me. If you could set all polly-* bots to submit, this would be great.