LLVM Pass for Instructions in Function (error


I have following lines in my code, where I need to iterate over the instructions in the function (not BB):

for (inst_iterator I = inst_begin(F), E = inst_end(F); I != E; ++I){
Instruction Inst = I;
if (cast(Inst) → getOpcode() == Instruction::GetElementPtr){
AddrPointer = cast(Inst);
Value* threadId = Inst → getOperand(1);
unsigned AddrSpace = Inst → getAddressSpace()
DataStructureForTrace.push_back (std:make_tuple(new Value(threadId), AddrSpace, 0, new Value(AddrPointer)));

I get following error (there are more, some visible here and some not. for eg, getAddressSpace not being for Instruction class.):

error: cannot convert ‘llvm::inst_iterator {aka llvm::InstIterator<llvm::SymbolTableListllvm::BasicBlock, llvm::ilist_iterator<llvm::ilist_detail::node_options<llvm::BasicBlock, false, false, void>, false, false>, llvm::ilist_iterator<llvm::ilist_detail::node_options<llvm::Instruction, false, false, void>, false, false>, llvm::Instruction>}’ to ‘llvm::Instruction*’ in initialization
Instruction *Inst = I;

I am not sure about this, as I am following some online code practices.

Thank you.