LLVM pass to track memory usage by a program

I am trying to write an llvm pass, that detects whether any instruction is allocating,reading or writing to memory. If it is doing so, I extract the address of that memory location, and identify the next time, this memory location is again accessed.
For this, I am iterating over the .ll IR file generated from the program, and using mayReadOrWriteMemory() to check whether any memory access is being made (for alloca instructions, I am just checking separately). If there is an access then, I iterate over the operand list using op_begin() and op_end() to get the memory address. But so far, I have been getting some ambiguous results. Is my approach wrong ? Could someone please help me out here.

Hi Anurag,
I assume you would like to have the moment traced at real-time during a real execution. Wouldn’t better to rely on the Interpreter class and relying on the various visit methods?