llvm-pdbutil status?

Hi All,

As a part of a recent move of libFuzzer from LLVM to compiler-rt I am looking into updating the build code
for the libraries which use libFuzzer.

I have looked into tools/llvm-pdbutil, and “ninja llvm-pdbutil-fuzzer” does not build at all,
and the error refers to non-existent headers.
The last update to the codebase is reasonably recent, and was done in June 2017.
Is anyone using it?

Thus I am not sure what should be done with this.
I think we should either:

a) Move “tools/llvm-pdbutil/fuzzer” to a repository outside of LLVM default git checkout if no one is maintaining it,
b) Make sure it compiles and setup a buildbot for it.




I think we should delete it. David implemented it a long time ago when he was working on llvm-pdbdump, but he’s moved on. Zach was never able to use it effectively because he works on Windows, so the reports were not actionable.


What makes the reports not actionable on windows?

libfuzzer has historically not supported Windows, so the reports were not actionable. Marcos got it working a few months ago and we had it up on a bot, but the bot was turned down recently as we don’t have time / headcount to keep it working in the presence of other invasive changes happening on the sanitizer side.

Proposed llvm-pdbutil/fuzzer for deletion in https://reviews.llvm.org/D37032