LLVM Performance Workshop at CGO 2017 (early registration ends January 6th)


The LLVM Performance Workshop will be held at CGO 2017.  The workshop
is co-located with CC, HPCA, and PPoPP.
If you are interested in attending the workshop, please register at
the CGO website: [http://cgo.org/cgo2017/workshops.html](http://cgo.org/cgo2017/workshops.html)

When: Saturday February 4th, 2017
Where: Austin, Texas, USA

The following presentations have been accepted for the LLVM
Performance Workshop:

- Krzysztof Parzyszek: Register Data Flow framework
- Tao Schardl and William Moses: The Tapir Extension to LLVM's
  Intermediate Representation for Fork-Join Parallelism
- Aditya Kumar, Sebastian Pop and Laxman Sole: Performance analysis of libcxx
- Hal Finkel: Modeling restrict-qualified pointers in LLVM
- Mehdi Amini: LTO/ThinLTO Bof
- Johannes Doerfert: Polyhedral "Driven" Optimizations on Real Codes
- Tobias Grosser: Polly-ACC - Accelerator support with Polly-ACC
- Brian Railing: Improving LLVM Instrumentation Overheads
- Evandro Menezes, Sebastian Pop and Aditya Kumar: Efficient
  clustering of case statements for indirect branch predictors
- Pranav Bhandarkar, Anshuman Dasgupta, Ron Lieberman, Dan Palermo,
  Dillon Sharlet and Andrew Adams: Halide for Hexagon™ DSP with Hexagon
  Vector eXtensions (HVX) using LLVM
- Sergei Larin and Harsha Jagasia: Impact of the current LLVM inlining
  strategy on complex embedded application memory utilization and

The abstracts of the talks are on http://llvm.org/devmtg/2017-02-04/


For those who are attending the llvm-workshop at CGO 2017.

The workshop takes place at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Austin (500 East 4th St).

LLVM workshop is in: Rooms 400/402

I would suggest all to visit CGO website in case things change at the last moment.
CGO Website: CGO 2017

The workshop schedule can be found here: http://llvm.org/devmtg/2017-02-04/

Thanks for the info!

I’m at the conference hotel today (Davide Italiano as well), if anyone wants to share dinner tonight, shoot me an email!