LLVM possible projects

Presently my research is focused on compiler and i found LLVM great tool to
work with. I want to familiarize it at undergraduate level.

Hi Hameeza,

I have face similar situation before and I would suggest you to read some
books/ blogs available on Internet for LLVM.
I think the best way to understand LLVM is by playing with it.
Then you should try doing some assignments based on LLVM from some good
For example :


or assignments 2015 - Advanced course on compilers - Aalto University Wiki

almost all good universities have LLVM based course structure for Advance
compiler courses

Could you suggest some good optimization and backend based LLVM projects at

undergraduate level.

Once you get enough experience then you can contact some community member

on IRC asking some task which is yet to be done but because of busy
schedule LLVM-Dev are not able to work on it.

Also as you are student I will encourage you to participate in Google
Summer of Code 2017.

Hope this helps!

- Vivek

@Vivek, thanks for your answer and especially these links!

I just want to add two more though I am not sure if they are useful
- Some slides [0] that explain the general structure of LLVM and LLVM-IR I
  used in our compiler class last year [0].
- Examples that build LLVM-IR "from scratch". These were designed to
  help students to build an LLVM-IR frontend for their AST.

Regarding the possible projects:
  We hat a BoF about this at the LLVM-Dev [3] and there was agreement
  that we need one person in charge of the "open projects" page [4]. I
  think somebody declared Vassil [CCed] as volunteer and he agreed to do the
  job. He might be able to shed some light on the open project issue.


[0] http://compilers.cs.uni-saarland.de/teaching/cc/2015/slides/llvm-ir.pdf
[1] Compiler Construction - Compiler Design Lab, Saarland University
[2] http://compilers.cs.uni-saarland.de/teaching/cc/2015/example-llvm-ir.tar
[3] 2016 LLVM Developers' Meeting - Bay Area: Raising Next Generation of LLVM Develope...
[4] http://llvm.org/OpenProjects.html

I think it’d be nice to also include theses links, maybe on a new page on the website and link to it from both the open projects and the getting started pages.

Yes, we started working on this a few weeks ago. Once it is ready I will post it to the mailing lists. Unfortunately, for the moment, I can’t be more helpful :(. – Vassil