LLVM PPA with updated packages from svn + bazaar repos


I started a PPA (basically an Ubuntu package repository) for LLVM,
I'm going to try to make packages with snapshots from llvm that are
updated at least weekly, so it's easier for people to try the latest
version from svn but not having to compile it and do everything themselves.

Hopefully this will be useful for people here, I still have some stuff to
do, and right now I've not yet packaged clang. I also copied there a build
of binutils with the gold linker enabled, hopefully also making it easier
for people to test llvm with lto optimizations.

There is more information about this particular PPA, including how to enable
it, here (the i386 build of llvm-gcc was failing at the time of this
email, but I'm
still investigating it and it should be up soon):

My current TODO is:
1) package clang;
2) setup the automatic builds, currently I'm uploading by hand;
3) enable other versions of ubuntu as well (perhaps karmic and hardy might
    be interesting, not sure if intrepid is still used);
4) the llvm-gcc-4.2 package currently available in debian/ubuntu has a
few files
    removed due to the debian free software guidelines. I couldn't
find the actual
    list of files that were removed, so for now I'm just putting a
snapshot of the
    entire repository there, if anyone knows which files to remove and if that
    doesn't affect anything (it seems it's just files related to documentation)
    please send me info;
5) other ideas ???

I tried finding before if anyone else was doing this already but couldn't find
anyone, if there is, please ping me so we can join efforts.

Also, not sure if this is of interest to you guys, but I also setup bazaar
repositories of llvm, llvm-gcc-4.2 and clang here:

They are automatically kept in sync with the subversion repository, so if
anyone wishes to use this as a base for working with a distributed vcs
it should be a good alternative (Akor maintains a git repository as well
at http://repo.or.cz for those same projects). There is a quick tutorial for
Bazaar here:

Best regards,