LLVM Project for Clang plugin

I am writing a clang plugin using clang/examples/PrintFunctionNames as a
basis. Currently, my code is in the clang/examples directory and the
resultant library is placed in llvm/Debug+Asserts/lib. I would like to
have the plugin source and object code reside outside of the llvm
source/object trees.

It seems to me that I should adapt clang/examples/PrintFunctionNames into
the format of llvm/projects/sample. Does this seem like the best
approach? If so, could I have some feedback?

I've tried using llvm/projects/sample as a template. In one attempt, I
copied the print PrintFunctionNames directory in lib/ directory of a new
project. I replaced the PrintFunctionNames Makefile with
lib/sample/Makefile and tried to adapt it based on clang/Makefile, which
is included by the original Makefile. I updated LIBRARY_NAME and such. I
added the following lines to the Makefile, after 'include

CPP.Flags += -I$(CLANG_SRC)/include -I$(CLANG_OBJ)/include -L$(CLANG_SRC)/lib
LIBS += -lclangParse \
    -lclangSema \
    -lclangAnalysis \
    -lclangAST \
        -lclangFrontend \
        -lclangLex \

These additions do not appear to be sufficient for including and linking
against clang components, as I'm getting pages of "X was not declared in
this scope" errors when I try to run make. Any suggestions as to where
I'm going wrong?