[llvm] r281947 - Merge branch 'ADCE5'

Here is the commit message before the merge:

commit 31ef23572a34b5a72fb7fafb366f33145a65040f
Author: David Callahan <dcallahan@fb.com>

    [ADCE] Add handling of PHI nodes when removing control flow

    This is part of a series of patches to evolve ADCE.cpp to support
    removing of unnecessary control flow.

    This patch updates the propagation of liveness information to handle
    special properties of PHI nodes.

    We still force all terminators live for now until we add code to
    handle removing control flow in a later patch.

    No changes to effective behavior with this patch

    Previous patches:

    D23559 [ADCE] Add control dependence computation
    D23225 [ADCE] Modify data structures to support removing control flow
    D23065 [ADCE] Refactor anticipating new functionality (NFC)
    D23102 [ADCE] Refactoring for new functionality (NFC)

    Reviewers: nadav, mehdi_amini, majnemer

    Subscribers: dberlin, david2050, twoh, freik, llvm-commits

    Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D23824

On 9/19/16, 4:27 PM, "davide.italiano@gmail.com on behalf of Davide
Italiano" <davide.italiano@gmail.com on behalf of davide@freebsd.org>


Right, this is the commit that should have been pushed.
I.e. do not merge when it is not fast-forward (rebase first).