llvm regression hangs at 99% progress in TC Support/SupportTests/ProgramTest.TestExecuteAndWaitTimeout

Hi All,

In the process of resubmitting a patch which had caused a regression in all targets build, I have been trying to run llvm regression but encountered a weird problem.

Regression hangs at 99% in TC ProgramTest.TestExecuteAndWaitTimeout as seen below.

[100%] Running all regression tests
lit.py: lit.cfg:195: note: using clang: ‘/home/jyoti.allur/LLVM_Submit_25_Sept/build/./bin/clang’
lit.py: lit.cfg:332: note: Did not find clang-interpreter in /home/jyoti.allur/LLVM_Submit_25_Sept/build/./bin:/home/jyoti.allur/LLVM_Submit_25_Sept/build/./bin
lit.py: lit.cfg:271: note: Did not find llvm-go in /home/jyoti.allur/LLVM_Submit_25_Sept/build/./bin
– Testing: 20020 tests, 8 threads –
99% [====================================================================================================================================================-] ETA: 00:00:00
^ZVM-Unit :: Support/SupportTests/ProgramTest.TestExecuteAndWaitTimeout
[1]+ Stopped make -j8 check-all

The flags used for compilation are

make -j8 check-all

Could someone point out why this is happening and how I could fix this ?


Jyoti Allur