LLVM-related compiler position at RapidMind

Hot on the heels of our LLVM product announcement earlier today, we have just announced a new compiler development position at RapidMind. This position will involve working directly with and on LLVM and other compiler technologies. If you're interested, please email us your resume at jobs@rapidmind.com. If you have specific experience working with, or contributing to, LLVM, please make sure to mention it!


Compiler Developer

RapidMind produces the award-winning RapidMind Multi-core Development
Platform. In addition to parallelizing computations across many cores,
the RapidMind platform also performs run-time code generation and
optimization for a variety of architectures, including x86, the Cell
Broadband Engine, and Graphics Processing Units (GPUs).

RapidMind is looking for a talented mid-end and back-end compiler
developer to join our team. As Compiler Developer, you will be
responsible for the design and implementation of code generation
algorithms, and improvements to RapidMind's proprietary code
generation technology, as well as the open source LLVM project. You
will be part of the core RapidMind development team, reporting to the
Director of Software.

* Implementing new optimizations, backend code generators, and code
   generation related features using C++
* Improving the runtime and effectiveness of our code generation
* Contributing to the LLVM compiler project, which RapidMind uses
* Mentoring other team members as an expert in your field

* At least 3-5 years of experience with compiler optimization and/or
   backend code generation
* Bachelors degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science, Mathematics,
   or relevant field.
* Solid working C++ knowledge
* Experience in at least one of the following areas: register
   allocation, instruction scheduling, mid-end compiler optimization,
   backend code generation
* Good knowledge of the current state of the art in compiler
* Ideally: Experience with the LLVM project, JIT compilation
* Ideally: Masters or PhD (or equivalent) in a compiler-related area
* Ideally: Experience generating code for modern x86 architectures
   and/or the Cell SPU architecture

Location and Start Date
* Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, starting immediately. Contact
   jobs@rapidmind.net with your resume.