LLVM release ver 12.0.0 v s ver 12.0.1 - why less number for assets in release?

Hello all,

I download LLVM/Clang binaries from the GitHub release page.

Release LLVM 12.0.0 · llvm/llvm-project → 65 assets

Release LLVM 12.0.1 · llvm/llvm-project → 44 assets

Why are there less build artifacts in the newer release?
On closer look, AMD64 , PowerPC , x86 arch and FreeBSD, Darwin, Ubuntu, SLES OS packages are missing in the latest version.

Can anyone explain this? Does it mean they were unchanged? Or different policy for minor release?


It may be that the 12.0.1 release is not final yet.

Neil Nelson

Okay, I see. Thank you for your response!

I rechecked the GitHub download page and it does have 10 more (total 54 now) assets.
I find this surprising since, as per the llvm.org homepage, v12.0.1 released on 8 July (14 days ago).

Any idea when / how long till a release ‘completes’ / finalizes?

The binaries for different platforms are provided by volunteers. So,
it's perfectly ok that different releases have different sets of
binaries. There is nothing like "finalization" of release.

I uploaded 12.0.1 tarballs for FreeBSD, and notified Tom (our release manager), but maybe he’s not gotten to it yet.

The final tag wasn’t announced on the llvm-testers list, so maybe that’s why these all got missing.