[llvm][SelectionDAG] trivial patch: fix misprint in SelectionDAGLegalize::ExpandInsertToVectorThroughStack

Hi Owen!

The “First store the whole vector” is without uses and will be deleted later.
I’ve attached trivial patch to fix it.
I have no commit access so if patch is OK, please, commit it .


ExpandInsertToVectorThroughStack.patch (2.89 KB)

LGTM. Can you supply a testcase?


I detected this bug using test case from platform which is not currently supported on llvm targets. (Our team is porting llvm on new target).
Creating the test case will take some extra time. I’ll try to do it ASAP.
Have you any ideas about the test case? (targets using ExpandInsertToVectorThroughStack, etc…)


I have not found test case. (It is because we have no target using “ExpandInsertToVectorThroughStack”).
But I tested it for target currently not included in llvm trunk.

This fix correct and trivial, so I’m offering to commit it…

Alright, go ahead with it.


I have no commit access. Please commit it…

Thank you!