LLVM Server down ** TODAY **

Just a reminder that the LLVM/Clang Server will be down starting today and through most of the weekend. It will go offline sometime between 12-1pm PST.

I'll send out mail when the new server is up and ready.


Hey Tanya, I see a bunch of commits by Chris, does that mean the server is back up?

The web server is going to be on and off as other services are restored, but when it's up it is ok to use.


I'm not finished setting up the new server, but svn is functional. I say "use at your own risk" because the web server will be up and down as I adjust the configuration. If you don't want to deal with this, please wait until I send the all clear. However, svn is functional and is sending updates to the mailing lists.


I just tried to access http://llvm.org/docs/ but I am getting a 404, not found error.


Yes, I am not done. Please see my original message. I will send mail to the list when I am finished and then you can complain.


Ah! sorry, I thought all of it are online.