LLVM Service Outages

Dear All,

The Siebel Center (the building in which the llvm.org server is housed) is undergoing some significant work on its cooling system this weekend. Air conditioning will not be available, so we have been advised to shut down systems until the cooling work is done.

This outage affects the following LLVM services:

1) The LLVM web server and SVN server will be unavailable starting noon (Central Daylight Time) on Saturday, June 5 and will remain down until cooling is restored. We expect to have the system back up by noon (CDT) on Monday, June 7.

2) The LLVM related mailing lists (llvm-dev, cfe-dev, svadev, etc.) will be left on at the beginning of the outage. However, if temperatures in the machine room get too hot, the machines will be shut down. If taken down, they should be back up by noon on Monday, June 7 (if not earlier).

3) The IRC channel isn't run by any machine at the University of Illinois, so it should remain operational.

4) DNS entries for llvm.org should still work during the outage. If an *.llvm.org address resolves to a machine other than the one we use as the main LLVM server, it should keep working.

If there are other mailing lists to which this message should be forwarded, please spread the word.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but there's little that we can do about it.


John Criswell