LLVM Social in Berlin, Germany

Hello everyone,

My name is Alex, I'm hobbyist compiler hacker who lives in Berlin, Germany now.

I'm thinking about organising "LLVM Social" meetups in Berlin, however I don't really know how many people are here, and how many of them are interested in getting in touch.
If you want to participate or have any questions - feel free to answer to this thread, or to send me a private email.

So, let's get the ball rolling.

Hi Alex,
I don’t know how many llvm folks are there in Berlin, but I know there are some in Munich.


Appreciations for the initiative! There are some people in the Berlin C++ user group [1] who may be interested. Also there was an active compiler meetup group [3] a few years ago. As far as I know these guys mostly joined the Strange Group Berlin [2], but may still be interested in a more compiler-focused meetup.

For the people cc’d: please let us know who’d like to participate in a LLVM Social Berlin and/or add more candidates. Then we could discuss this further and schedule a kick-off with all of you.


[1] [2] [3]

Thank you all for responses.
I created a page on Meetup[1], feel free to join and spread the word.
I’d suggest to wait for more responses couple of days and then discuss kick-off together.

[1] http://www.meetup.com/LLVM-Social-Berlin/

So, I’m happy to announce the very first meetup. It’s going to happen on the 25th of August, location: TBD :slight_smile:
Updates will be posted here: Login to Meetup | Meetup

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your efforts!

I'm living in Leipzig, but Berlin is quite easy to reach with train and car. If there are more interested people from Leipzig, I'd be happy to participate in some form of ride sharing (train or car).


[ I left all CCs in, sorry if I spam anyone. ]

Would you consider at least part of the socials to be on the weekend?
For those of interested in travelling to Berlin, that can make things
easier :slight_smile:


Hi Joerg, thanks for your input. Good point. We will put this on the
schedule for the kick-off!